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It’s a great pleasure to share with you all the next addition to the Another Indie family, Original Journey! Original Journey is a breathtakingly beautiful action platform developed by Beijing based developers Bonfire Entertainment. Original Journey follows the Journey of the Ato, a race of space faring vegetation, and their quest to save their homeworld […]

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This year’s PAX East was something new for us, we partnered up with the China Indie Game Alliance (CIGA) and TapTap to bring some of China’s best indie games to Boston. The China Indie Arena featured a massive variety of games from a range of genres including roguelike, action, horror, and platforming. We even had […]

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We have some exciting news. The most exciting news ever. Seriously, it’s amazing news! Another Indie has a shiny new game! An amazing new game! A sick, sexy, sumptuous new game! We are over the moon to introduce to Shots Fired and their developer Chryse! Shots Fired is an assassination simulator set in a zany pop culture filled […]

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