They took everything away from you. Your wife, your daughter, and your TV. You are left with a bullet, a rifle…and a target. One miss, and it’s all over!

Shots Fired is a sniper shooter game where you take the role of a vengeful assassin because why not? Your mission? Take down your targets using a single bullet.



Release date

Coming on 2019



Official Website

Available platforms

PC – Steam


  • Scope and shoot using your sniper rifle to hunt down targets. Do it fast! Do it clean!
  • Who’s your next target? Take photographs of people and find out more about them!
  • Swipe right and earn cash in Huntr: a social network for extrajudicial killers.
  • Over a hundred missions to finish!
  • Can’t get enough of missions? Try the mission editor and share your work with the community.