Winners at GMGC: Indie Pitch Arena!

Author Iain Garner
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This year at China’s Game Global Mobile Congress on 24-25 of April in Beijing, we took part in the Indie Pitch Arena. The Indie Pitch Arena is a competition in which developers can present their games in front of a jury of industry experts and compete with some of the best games around.


The criteria for the note are:

1) User Experience : game mechanics, modes offered, and also take into account the convenience of the controls and end user experience.

2) Presentation : focusing on the graphics, sounds, music, and the look of the game.

3) Originality: this section is based on the story, mechanical, controls and others.

The judges came from large companies, both in China and internationally, including Tim Xiong , head of startups from Amazon China.

MadeinSpain and Another Indie Games Studio provided the opportunity for Spanish developers to attended this awesome event. Tama Global’s game Escape from the pyramid and Vorax GamesDay of The Viking were the two that we were proud to showcase.

Escape from the Pyramid was selected for the finale because of its outstanding art style and excellent gameplay. It’s an amazing title brimming with awesome Egyptian artwork and despite not taking home a prize, we have high hopes for this title in China.

Day of the Viking is our flagship game and we have nothing but love for it. This tower-defense masterpiece is nothing short of genius. You take control of a middle-age castle and spend your time defending your beautiful princess from Viking marauders. Trust us, it’s awesome.

The latter were even winners, demonstrating the great talent of our indie developers. Another Indie Studio was proud to accept the award on the behalf of the developers. This is just another step along the long, long road to bringing the very best indie games to China, but it’s a big one and we are proud of everyone’s good work here.