Who wants to hear about our time at GDC 2015?

Author Iain Garner
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We had one hell of a good time at GDC 2015 in the beautiful American city of San Francisco and while it’s always nice to return home, it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to a place so brimming with talent.

2015-03-02 202909

The indie developers were out in force this year and the talent on show was simply staggering from gorgeous platformer Red Goddess to the visually enthralling Meka Zoo. Whatever you were looking for, GDC was the destination of choice for top shelf indie gaming and we were honored to rub shoulders with gaming greats, both present and future.

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As well as meeting and greeting we are happy to say that we wheeled, and dealed with some of the most incredible developers of some of the coolest games we’ve ever played. It’s early days yes so we can’t confirm anything, watch this space for more badass gaming news.

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Until then we thought we would share some of our holiday snapshots so you can see just how much fun GDC 2015 was.

We can’t wait to see you all next year!