Lost Castle at EGX 2016

Author Iain Garner
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EGX crowd

EGX was the beginning of what has now become Lost Castle’s (and Marketing Man, Iain’s) world tour and what a great start it was! We were one of the indie games showcasing in the EGX Rezzed section and were over-the-moon to have Lost Castle be in the company of amazing indie games like Yooka Laylee, Masquerada, and Gang Beasts.
Over the course of the four-day event we had literally hundreds of gamers check out Lost Castle and take part in our competition to win a set of Thrustmaster headphones. Special thanks to Thrustmaster and SwipeRight PR for their contributions to an incredibly successful event.
To say that showcasing Lost Castle went well would be an understatement, the booth was constantly full and I found myself regretting opting for a single booth instead of a double to accommodate for the constant flow of traffic. We had a number of instant Lost Castle converts who came back time and time again to hone their castle invading skills.

headset winners 2 Headset Winners
A few of the more hardcore fans even purchased Lost Castle in the evening and trained up before coming back for a second run at competition victory! We even had some players who bought the game in early access come over and say hi! Overall response was great and we got some great feedback from gamers and even some helpful suggestions. But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the people at EGX and especially those organizing the Rezzed Zone. I was (and still am) amazed that the indie area was located directly in front of the entrance to the event and every gamer who walked (and occasionally sprinted) toward the Sony, VR, and shiny Triple-A titles walked through the indies first.

This showed an incredibly respect to indie games which are often pushed to the side in favor of larger companies. A lot of the show-casers around me shared the same opinion and we really appreciated EGX’s efforts to make the event as indie-friendly as possible.
Suffice to say that EGX was awesome and I cannot recommend it enough! Looking forward to next year already.