GamesCom 2015

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Once back from the Gamescom, the largest video game trade show in Europe, we share with you all the details of our stay in Cologne, our experiences and what it means to be “indie”.

It was our partner MadeinSpain Games’ first experience in an international event, they decided to organize a booth indie to provide an opportunity for independent developers to publicize your game in one of the most important fairs in the world and receive feedback from German users and foreigners. Our first time in a fair of this kind has loved us and left us wanting more.

For the first international booth indie we wanted to bring the new line publishing has been very successful in the indie sector in our booth had games like: Missing Translation of AlPixel Games, a puzzle game published by GamesBoosters widely within the German market and a challenge for all users who tested it during the Gamescom.


Sons Pump Island of a Bit was the game that managed to attract public around the stand. It’s a mix of puzzles and skill in a competitive mode up to three players delighted who proved. Cerulean Moon, the promising game NachoBeard caught the attention of German press for his innovative gameplay as well as the home joystick with which I could play. It’s definitely a game that will be talked about. Twin Souls of Barcelona LinceWorks appealed to all lovers of games ninjas and caught the attention of any other publisher as Asian. All who came to try it left you wanting more, but will have to wait until the end of 2016 that will see the light when the game. Pharaonic, new to putting Milkstone Studios struck by his devilish difficulty.


The developers themselves admit they have been inspired by the saga Dark Souls to the difficulty of fighting will not disappoint even the most demanding gamers. She of Coconut Island is one of the Chinese game that was in our booth. A PC game that also has a high difficulty and in which, playing a ninja, we will uncover the clues left our deceased daughter. A platform game for the most skilled with the command, Plump Fish, a casual game for iOS by the developer China Feiyu caught the attention of female viewers and child thanks to its colorful graphics and simple mechanics and direct game.