Funk of Titans

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, PC
Release date: 2014
Developer: A Crowd Of Monsters

Funk music is the music of Gods. Zeus, the father of all of them, created and shared it with the rest of the Universe after making the first humans. The humans have been dancing and singing funky songs since then to give thanks to Zeus for receiving this blessing

But now, some Pagan Titans want to have more power than Zeus. They have created other rythms, and they are using them with humans from three different reigns, turning them into empty mind dancing minions.

Three different worlds

In these difficult times, Zeus has summoned his bast… son and Funky Champion; Perseus to comfront and defeat the rest of the Music Titans. Follow him through 3 reigns, along with more than 40 levels of gameplay, with bonus stages, different weapons and helmets, and lots of surprises!