CGDC 2015: Chinese indie gaming has a brilliant stage abroad

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On July 31th, at the CGDC during ChinaJoy, Adria represented Another Indie Studio and gave his speech to all the game developer presented. In the speech of nearly one hour, Adria shared the current situation of indie gaming and looked into the bright future of indie games.

Another Indie Studio has been devoted to helping indie developers to promote their games and find opportunities in Chinese market and Western Market, because we believe video games is a universal form of art and entertainment. No matter where it’s made, a good game is a good game. And indie developers have a brilliant future in the gaming industry. We help indie developers to give visibility to their games by promoting through social media, videogames media website and finding publishers and funding. We also created an indie community where developer can work together, share experience and gain media attention. Doing activities like game shows, indie competitions and game jams is a part of our job too.


Adria introduced the current situation of indie game community in his homeland Spain. There are over 400 video game companies registered in Spain. Most companies (65%) were launched less than five years ago, and 28% less than two years ago. The expansion and new golden age that the gaming industry is experiencing thanks to the boom in mobile gaming and the digital distribution model has helped new companies emerge to take advantage of these platforms. In 2014, the the Spanish video game development industry has a turnover of 412.4 million euros, 31% higher than in 2013. And in 2018, the estimate is reaching 998 millions. But the industry is largely an exporter. 56% of turnover comes from international markets.

Adria also pointed out developers should explore all platforms and go globally for survival. PC, VR/AR, consoles, portables and Android TV are all great platform for game developing. Using a multi-platform 2D/3D engine, such as Unity, Unreal 4 and GameMaker, helps devs easily make multi-platform games. And online stores are friendly to indie games. Devs can create an account with a low or non-existent fee and control the price and special offers by themselves. Steam, PlayStation Store, Humble Bundle and Good Old Games are all great online stores for indie games. Adria took Ziggurat as an example to explain the global vision. Ziggurat is a Spanish indie game, but its sales mostly come from international market. Over 40% of owners are from the States.


So, Chinese indie devs definitely have a brilliant opportunity abroad. On Steam for instance, the United States’ games per use reaches 35.49, far higher than China’s 6.81. Other countries, like Russia, Germany and Brazil, are all ahead of China. Regarding localizations, China is also on trail. Though China has a huge population, the number of users is not in leading position. Nevertheless, the entire market is growing. No matter in China or abroad, the is a great potential to expect.

In conclusion, as indie devs, we shouldn’t shut out the rest of the world. Focusing on more platforms and larger stage makes a better future for everyone. Another Indie Studio will always be standing by you and grow together.