Celebrating 200K copies of Lost Castle sold with a super awesome giveaway

Author Iain Garner
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Can you believe that we have now sold 200,000 copies of Lost Castle worldwide? Can YOU? We would love to say that we had this all planned and that you all fell for our grand plan but the honest truth is that it is absolutely humbling to have our game achieve such success in such a short amount of time. There’s no doubt that it took a lot of work to get here, the developers at Hunter Studio look as sun-deprived and hunched as their now infamous goblins and the team at Another Indie are looking forward to heading home after months of globetrotting and bringing Lost Castle to the masses. It’s been an amazing experience and the ride is far from over!

But such a milestone deserves serious celebration and what better way is there to celebrate than with free stuff! We’ve prepared some super special, super awesome, sacks of swag to be given away to our fans. Each sack contains a super-cute T-Shirt (available in S-XXXL), a high quality mousepad, a selection of stickers and badges, and two free copies of Lost Castle! All you need to do to win is click on the thingy below and follow the instructions. And don’t worry, we ship worldwide!

200k Celebration in Lost Castle!

So all that leaves us to do is say thank you to all of you who purchased the game, listened to our ramblings, or visited at the conferences. We couldn’t have done this without you!


Another Indie and Hunter Studio