Are you ready to enter the Lost Castle

Author Iain Garner
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It’s with a warm and fuzzy feeling that I welcome Team Hunter and their game Lost Castle to the Another Indie family. Lost Castle is a tough-as-nails, cute as hell rogue-like brimming with magic, mystery, and… human sacrifice. Lost Castle is available via Steam Early Access right now and has plenty of hacking, slashing, and blasting content for those of you brave enough to enter.

The Lost Castle is full of traps, monsters, and devious bosses waiting to ruin the day of your unsuspecting hero. You’re going to need to master the game’s various weapons, study its bosses, and avoid its numerous pitfalls if you want to reach the final stages (stages which I personally am yet to get to!) and unlock the secrets of the mysterious castle and its devious denizens.

We’ll be working closely with Team Hunter to update the game as quickly as possible and will be working with fans to make Lost Castle the best game it can be. It’s the beginning of a long and exciting road and we are very pleased with the developers we will be walking it with.