Another Indie rocked out at GDC

Author Iain Garner
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Well what a week that was!

GDC was exactly as insane as we’d hoped it would be with plenty of gaming, partying, and some amazing talks. We explored the weird world of Chronus, flew like a bird in VR, slowed down time with the guys from Superhot, and even explored some seriously dark dungeons. It was fantastic to meet the people behind some of our favorite games and meet people as passionate about the industry as we are.


On a more personal note it was phenomenal to see so many Asian indies, particularly from China, showing off their awesome games. There’s so much to look forward to in the coming months it’s getting tough to keep track of!


For Another Indie it was an amazing leap forward on our path to become a worldwide publisher of quality indie games. We’ve opened a lot of discussions and will have some big news for you all shortly so keep watch!