Anima: Gates of Memories sets sail for China

Author Iain Garner
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If you’re a fan of Kickstarter then you’ve probably heard of successfully funded game Anima: Gate of Memories. Anima is an action RPG developed by Spanish developer Cipher Studios. When most people think Indie, they think of games like Super Meat Boy or Shovel Knight, great games but not exactly graphically advanced.

Anima smashes this preconception by being gorgeous. Characters look great, enemies are well designed, and attacks are fantastically satisfying. The art-style screams quality and my personal highlight is the amazing level of detail that has gone into the games’ settings. Seriously, check out the video below and tell me your mind isn’t blown:

Given our love for Anima and China’s love of the Action RPG genre, we at Another Indie Studio will be working with Cipher Studios to localize their game for China. This is by far our biggest project to date but we are excited to see how the Chinese market will respond to our efforts.

The future is bright for Anima both at home and abroad.